309th Hospital of PLA , Myasthenia Gravis Treatment Center

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309th Hospital of PLA , Myasthenia Gravis Treatment Center
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MG treatment centre

Possesses about 10 professors in fields of neurology,thoracic surgery, traditional Chinese medicine,which has reached world levels in diagnosing and treating MG.. Methods of traditional Chinese medicine combined with thymectomy,plasmapheresis,etc.are applied for treating MG patients.....
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  Totally 200 cases of MG received operation in 2009, which has advantages of being safe, reliable, good curative effect and lower incidence of myasthenic crisis after operation(3.5%).

  1. Operation is suitable for those with stable physical condition and without infection and surgical contraindication. Patients treated by hormone require suitable range of hormone preoperatively, i.e. hormone should be decreased to below 20mg/d in patients with prednisone. Generally speaking, patients are advised to be treated by operation.

  2. After operation, patients are encouraged to cough up phlegm so as to keep fluency of respiratory tract, and actively receive anti-infective therapy. Then, antibiotics should be used for 7-10 days after operation.

  3. The drainage tube should be pulled up when the drainage flow is below 100ml within 24 hours after operation. Hemogram, blood gas analysis, electrolyte, sternite etc. should be ensured at normal range before pulling out drainage tube.

  4. Intravenous gamma-globulin therapy, plasmapheresis and traditional Chinese medicine can be considered for type Ⅲ, Ⅳ patients, so as to pass through the dangerous surgical period successfully.

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