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Important issues about patient history for myasthenic patient
Clinical manifestation of myasthenia gravis(MG) patients at different ages
Lifestyle behaviours for MG patients
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MG typical case
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The 309 Hospital of People's Liberation Army is located at Heishanhu Road 17, Beijing, China, occupying an area of over 690 thousand square meters. The hospital has developed into a third-tier-class-A hospital and is honored as garden-style unit, which specializes in medical care, health care, education and research with all disciplines.

Strong professional team of more than 2000 staff members work for the hospital, among whom, more than 110 persons held senior professional titles. The hospital offers more than 1700 beds and 37 special disciplines. Besides routine departments, there are more than 10 specialty departments, i.e.pain management, inherited disease, barrenness, male sexual dysfunction, kidney transplantation, bacillary phthisis. The hospital has earned high reputation in fields of liver and gallbladder, urinary surgery, orthopedics, general surgery, chest surgery, neurosurgery, tubercle, respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease.

The hospital is equipped with advanced medical instruments valued over 10 million yuan, including MRI, Helical CT, ECT, ET , TCD color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic system, 100 mA X ray machine , X-Knife, DSA, medical linear accelerator, facilities for ambulatory blood pressure, active EEG and bone densitometry.

The hospital offers excellent environment for scientific research. In recent 10 years, it has been honored with more than 120 national and army awards for achievements in science and technology. About 22 monographs and more than 150 articles were published in medical journals. Also, the hospital has achieved 8 national patents.The hospital attaches great importance to develop distinctive features of each department, creating the best environment to provide the best service for students of military school of PLA and fourth military medical university.

The hospital pays high attention to medical quality and ethics, has developed into a modern hospital with a large number of professional talents, complete range of clinical disciplines, large amounts of state-of-the-art medical equipments, high level of medical care services and good reputation both at home and abroad. It has been honored as “experimental hospital for public health care”and“designated hospital for comprehensive arrangements for serious diseases” in 1997. In 2000, it was appraised as “first batch of designated hospital for medical insurance service” and “model trustworthy hospital”.

The aim of the hospital is to achieve first-class in management, medical care, medical technology, and medical research, follow strict practice guidelines to ensure patients undergoing safe and comprehensive care.

Introduction of MG treatment centre
MG treatment centre of 309 hospital possesses about 10 professors in fields of neurology, thoracic surgery, traditional Chinese medicine, which has reached world levels in diagnosing and treating MG.. Methods of traditional Chinese medicine combined with thymectomy, plasmapheresis,etc. are applied for treating MG patients. With these methods, acetylcholine receptor antibodies and antigen-antibody complex that lodge in the blood are maximally cleaned, regeneration of acetylcholine receptor antibodies effectively blocked, amount of effective receptor of acetylcholine and normal systolic function of muscles are restored. These methods are effective ways to treat MG patients, which are combinations of modernity and tradition, western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

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