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Lifestyle behaviours for MG patients

Besides drug treatment, it also requires to make changes in lifestyle behaviours, such as diet, exercise. Therefore, we advise patients to obey well-matching diet principles and full-scale nutrition intake. Also, patients should know the food which is not advised to eat, as they will bring bad impact on the disease development more or less. Cold food and drinks are advised to have less, which will damage the spleen and stomach and it is not beneficial for the recovery of illness. MG patients are not advised to eat cold type of food involving with turnip, kelp, watermelon, bitter gourd, mustard, although healthy people have them in their daily life.

What kind of food is advised for MG patients? Experts recommend warm tonifying food. Generally speaking, as MG patients have weak spleen and stomach, warm tonifying food is beneficial for patients’ health. But MG patients should not eat warm tonifying food excessively, choice of food-eating should be based on good-understanding of their own physical condition.

Important food for MG patients in daily life: fish, egg, milk, meat, vegetables and fruit.
1 Meat: beef, pig, dog, rabbit and chicken etc.
2 Fruit: longan, apple, orange, grape, red bayberry, granada, peach and loquat etc.
3 Vegetables;chestnuts, walnut seed,peanut,cabbage,chive,rhizoma,tomato and potato etc.

For patients at different stages of MG, they should eat different types of food. Patients with thymectomy or severe MG symptoms, considering their weakness and poor masticatory ability, we should provide them soft rice, liquid diet and semifluid food. While for patients with weak spleen and kidney, we could provide them porridge of cassia and chicken liver, cow marrow, porridge of semen and brown sugar. Patients should have medlar, soup of eucommia bark and pig waist, dateplum persimmon, etc, who are involving with manifestations of dry pharynx, dizziness and tinnitus, soreness around knee and lower back, burning sensation of five centres, red tongue, night sweating, red cheekbone, few urine, weakness. Patients, who have manifestations of debilitation, spontaneous perspiration, shortness of breath, few speaking, cardiopalmus, insomnia, pale, anaesthetic limbs, could have more food like soup of mutton and Gui Qi, bee milk and cerealose, etc. patients with weak spleen and stomache, who have manifestations of weakness in limbs, muscular atrophy, ptosis, less speaking, loose stool, pale, atonia masticatoria, few eating, pale tongue, tongue indentation, should often eat arrow root, ice fish soup, porridge of lotus seeds and glutinous rice, etc.

MG patients should have good lifestyle behaviours, such as stop smoking, stop drinking, well sleeping, more rest. They should also adjust themselves to good state, avoiding catching a cold, infection, overtiredness, being angry or depressive. Family members should attach importance on their diet and lifestyle, whenever in treatment period or recovery period, so as to help them have a good and positive attitude.

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