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Resources: 309 hospital of PLA; Published date: Nov 19 2010-11-26
President of 309 hospital of PLA visits Hopkins Hospital in USA

On Nov 19 2010, delegation of 309 hospital, headed by president of 309 hospital of PLA Liu xi-hua, visited Hopkins Hospital of USA on invitation. They exchanged the cooperation affaires extensively , preliminarily reached agreement with Hopkins Hospital of USA, and satisfactorily fulfilled the visiting plan. In order to speed up the cooperation, Pro.Lai han-sheng of Hopkins Hospital of USA will come to 309 hospital to discuss the future development of both hospitals. The visit of Liu xi-hua to America has obtained remarkable achievements and created the chance for 309 hospital to interchange with first-level internal hospital, contributing to future development of 309 hospital.


Resources:MG center of 309 hospital of PLA Published date:Oct. 30 2010
Former World Champion Zhao ting-ting to visit our hospital to meet MG patients

On Oct. 30 2010, former world champion Zhao ting-ting took time out of her busy schedule to visit MG patients in our hospital, accompanied by workers of Chinese red cross foundation and leaders of 309 hospital Mr Bu hai-bing, Mr Li xiao-long. Some of the MG patients were supported by Benevolence Rebirth Campaign of Chinese Red Cross Foundation. In the ward of the hospital, Zhao ting-ting gave the flower and money to patients, communicated with patients, asked them about their health and living problems. She also encouraged patients to be confident to conquer disease and actively coordinate doctors to receive treatment. With the up-coming of world champion, patients were all very excited.

Her active participation in charity will undoubtedly increase patients’ confidence and courage to conquer disease. Zhao ting-ting called on all the kindhearted people to participate the activity to help MG patients and to brighten patients’ spirit. MG patients not only need help in materially, but also need encouragement in spirit. Besides, MG is not the untreated disease. At present, there are many methods to treat the disease, with which most of patients’ condition can be effectively controlled, making them be able to get back to normal life.

Resources:; Published date: Dec. 7 2009
Weng hong and her husband visit patients in 309 hospital

On Dec. 4 morning, famous actress Weng hong and her husband came to 309 hospital to visit patients with MG patients with cardiac disease. As the charity ambassador of “love transmitting programme” of Chinese Red Cross, Weng hong said she had the duty to help others who need assistance, and also expressed her wish that her family would do charity together when her daughter grows up.
When stayed with patients, she was very easygoing. She communicated with patients, shared her experiences in hospital, sent patients gift, and also asked patients questions and encouraged them to have confidence to conquer diseases.
Meanwhile, she sent each patient a book ”confidence is a ladder”, and wrote encouragement and wishes on the flyleaf. When asked why she sent this book to patients, she explained: “I stayed in hospital for 8 months due to lumbar protrusion. This experience makes me understand how their lives in hospital. Actually, what they require most is confidence and concern, and I hope this book will bring them a good concern for their soul.
Besides, her husband Liu lun-hao also loves the charity work, “we often discuss how to do the charity work more effectively, and hope do family charity in future. When my daughter grows up, I will bring her to welfare home in Si Chuan or Chang Zhi. The best way of education is to guide them to do practical actions”, she said.
Form her point view, charity is part of her work. “Sometimes, the charity helps me to do better in acting”, she explained. She told the reporter that her new book would be published in Jan. 2010, which is about the problems in marriage and emotion. She hopes this book will help those who are troubled by life problems, especially for men, as this book will help them know more about women.

Resources: Published date: Aug. 19 2009
reporter: Wang jun-ping
Chiefs of headquarter of general staff and leaders of Chinese Red Cross visit 309 hospital of PLA



On Aug. 14 2009, minister of logistics department of PLA Leng de-gui (major general), Sun bo(senior colonel), deputy board chairman Jiang dan, reputed deputy president of Chinese Red Cross Pan ming, accompanied by president of 309 hospital Liu xi-hua, came to MG center of our hospital, in order to inspect and supervise work and visit MG patients.
On behalf of Chinese Red Cross Foundation, Jiang dan gave thanks to the contribution of logistic department of PLA and 309 hospital in participating the Benevolence Rebirth Campaign of Chinese Red Cross. Meanwhile, Wu ang-ping, who is the director of the Benevolence Rebirth Campaign of Chinese Red Cross, introduced the aim and current state of the program.

Benevolence Rebirth Campaign was started in 2008, which has assisted 18 patients, with donated money of .580 thousand RMB. Currently, MG is thought as “ undying cance”, which is not fully recognized by society in its treatment. As a large amount of patients need help to treat the disease, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation started a campaign called Benevolence Rebirth Campaign , focusing on helping poor MG patients , hoping to raise more money to help the poor patients who are short of money.
Su sheng-xiang, associate director of MG center in our hospital, briefly introduced the symptoms and main treatment methods of MG, and demonstrated the simple method to detect the patients’ condition.
With the introduction of the operation principle, operation time, treatment costs by doctors, major general Leng de-gui appraised the current achievement of MG center, and encouraged doctors to have more break-through in MG treatment.
A 11-year-old girl called Meng yao and her 3-year-old brother called Dong zhi-bo got the MG disease. Both were supported by Benevolence Rebirth Campaign of Chinese Red Cross. Now, the 3-year-old brother has been fully recovered from the disease, and his sister has been performed surgery, whose condition has been remarkably improved. Today, major general Leng de-gui and deputy board chairman Jiang dan also came to their hospital, and expressed their concern to the two children.

Finally, Jiang dan appraised the current achievement of Benevolence Rebirth Campaign of Chinese Red Cross, called on the campaign to speed up the schedule to start the donating activity with theme of “benevolence transmitting”. She also called on companies and people in all fields of society to take part in this charity to help MG patients.

Resources: MG center of 309 hospital of PLA Published date: Mar. 25 2010
A Russian girl comes to MG center of our hospital

A 28-year-old Russian girl was admitted into our hospital, who had manifestations of ptosis, binocular diplopia,bradymasesis, limbs weakness and liquid may also escape through the nose during attempted swallowing. The check presentation in the local hospital indicated prostigmin test positive and electromyogram positive. She was treated with pyridostigmine bromide, but its symptoms recurred. In face of such disease, she lost self-confidence and complained of insomnia and depression.
Finally her mother brought her to the department of MG in our hospital. She was treated by western medicine combined with traditional Chinese medicine, which was prescribed by director Wei of Department of Neurology and director Li shao-hua respectively. The symptoms improved remarkably after the first course of treatment. For further treatment, director Dou of Department of MG recommended extended thymectomy, as CT findings showed thymic hyperplasia. However, considering big scar and residue resulting from endoscope-assistant surgery, the girl was afraid to undergo the operation. Director Dou showed pictures of his former patients, which had incision of 7—8cm(compared with 20-30cm in her local hospital). What’s more, director Dou performed 400 operations, but 7 operations in her local hospital. Finally she decided to receive operation in our hospital.
In the periods of hospitalization, although the girl was left alone in our hospital as her mother gent back to Russia due to her grandfather’s pass-away, our hospital organized a special group to take good care of her, assigning nurse with good English-speaking and training doctors with good Russian-speaking to accompany her, arranging well-nourishing diet, etc. And successful operation was achieved, resulting in removing all glandular tissue, surrounding fat and adenoid tissue. She was discharged 7 days after operation, continuing taking western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine after discharge. At present, all her symptoms disappeared.

Resources: www.39; Published date: Oct. 15 2009
Surgical treatment for myasthenia gravis combined with thymoma
Myasthenia gravis is a kind of autoimmune disease that there appear transmitting obstacles in the site of neuromuscular junction. About 80%-90% MG patients have abnormal thymus gland, among whom, 15%-20% patients have thymoma. The clinical manifestations of thymoma are involving with compression of adjacent structures and typical symptoms of tumor. However, small thymoma is not easy to be observed due to unremarkable symptoms. Tumors that show significantly greater increase in size will have common symptoms of chest pain, chest distress, cough and uncomfortableness in chest. The characteristics of this type of chest pain present non-specific, varying degrees, no fixing site. Severe symptoms of tumor may lead to respiratory crisis, threatening patients’ lives.
Recently, our reporter came to the MG center of 309 hospital of PLA. Dou yun-ke, who is the associate director and director of surgery department, introduced the correlated knowledge of the surgical treatment for myasthenia gravis combined with thymoma. From his point of view, thymoma mostly present in way of syndromes. And MG is its main syndrome, and surgical treatment is acknowledged as the most effective method for myasthenia gravis combined with thymoma. The following aspects are what we know form doctor Dou.
Researchers observed the recent curative effect and situation of crisis, analyzed the related factors of curative and crisis. From Jan. 1994 to Jan. 2005, 436 cases of MG, including 58 cases of MG combined with thymoma, were treated by surgery. From the analysis on these patients, researchers found the possibility of crisis of MG patients combined with thymoma was 1.286 times higher than MG patients without thymoma. Patients, who had thymoma or MG of type Ⅱ or higher, had higher risk in occurring crisis. Therefore, researchers made the conclusion that MG patients combined with thymoma and MG patients of type Ⅱ or above had higher incidence of postoperative crisis, and there was no dependability between crisis incidence and pathological stage of thymoma.
He also introduced from point view of immunology. Thymus-sensitized T Lymphocyte life span was long, and it continued to have autoimmune response in peripheral lymphoid tissue after releasing. MG can be involved with systemic muscles, leading to weakness of ocular muscle, dysphagia,breathing difficulty,appendicular skeleton. Ocular type is acknowledged as “early stage” of MG, which can be obtained good effect by drug therapy. However, patients without good curative effect by drug therapy may develop into systemic type. Therefore, surgery should be performed for MG patients as early as possible. The effective rate can be higher than 7% by thymectomy for treating MG. Thymectomy removed the glandular tissue causing systemic immunoreation, prevented the disease development, and decreased the thymus-sensitized T Lymphocyte. Therefore, patients should be positive for this method. However, children patients should firstly choose conservative treatment, and receive operation till to adolescent age. For children, the best operation time was 16-39 years. Elderly patients above 60 years, were not advised to have operation because of analosis of their glandular tissue and remarkable decrease of participating immunoregulatory activity. Unstable pathogenetic condition was an important problem for MG patients with thymoma. Pulmonary infection was an important cause of fluctuation and crisis, so doctors should prevent these two problems before and after operation. Drug medication should be paid more attention. i.e. preventing cold should not use aminoglycoside antibiotics; insufficient administration of anticholinesterase drug may also lead to myasthenic crisis; over administration of anticholinesterase drug may lead to cholinergic crisis. So the dose administration of anticholinesterase drug should be well controlled.
Except the reasonable administration of drug, MR Dou also introduced the operative approach. He told the best way was to begin with longitudinal incision in erior median chest bone. As MG patients with thymoma would still have MG manifestation after tumor removal, so there is argument on whether doctors should enlarge sweeping fatty tissue in anterior mediastinum. The following aspects were advantages of the method. (1)With this approach, broader operative scope could be obtained, which is helpful to remove tumor and fatty tissue in anterior mediastinum. (2)This method is in accordance with the radical respectability of tumor. (3) It had less effect on respiratory function. For invasive thymoma, it is difficult to deal with in the process of operation when great vessels are invaded. Inappropriate treatment may lead to hemorrhoea or wound to adjacent organs.
Doctor Dou thought the curative effect of operation in females was better than that in males, prostecdtive efficacy of MG patients with thymoma was better than MG patients without thymoma. In a word, thymectomy was a good way to treat MG, and operation should be taken as soon as possible so as to get satisfied effect.

Expert introduction
Dou yun-ke Associate chief physician, associate professor. Graduated from medical university of Hunan. More than 20 years experience of cardiovascular thoracic surgery. Once learned in Anzhen hospital of Beijing, institute of cardiac surgical research, San Matteo, PAVIA and department of cardiac surgery of SONDALO hospital. Good at diagnosing and treating minimally invasive thymectomy and complicated disease of cardiovascular thoracic surgery. Proficient in surgical treatment for MG, congenital cardiopathy, diseases of great vessels, rheumatic valvular heart disease, esophageal carcinoma, lung cancer, mediastinal mass, tumors of chest wall, thoracic trauma, etc. No myasthenic crisis occurred in the surgical treatment of over 200 patients since foundation of the MG centre in our hospital.

Published date: Nov.6 2009

Founder of acupuncture treatment from Yuan source points ---- Professor Zhang wen-hua comes to work at department of MG in our hospital
Founder of acupuncture treatment from Yuan source points for patients with MG---- Professor Zhang wen-hua accepts the offer of department of MG in our hospital, which is the myasthenia gravis fixing-point medical institution of Chinese Red Cross Foundation, strengthening the treatment level of MG in our hospital. Workers of the MG department extend a warm welcome to Pro. Zhang wen-hua , and gave wishes that Pro. Zhang’s participation to our hospital will bring more benefits for MG patients.
Introduction of Pro. Zhang wen-hua
Zhang wenhua is born of a famous Chinese traditional medicine family, whose teacher is Dai yun-min , a famous scholar of school of seasonal febrile disease. Under guidance of honorary chairman of world acupuncture association Wang xue-tai, he has been engaged in research and application of acupuncture treatment from Yuan source points for patients with MG for about 40 years. Pro. Zhang is the associate director of Chinese Special Acupuncture Committee, Standing Committee Member of Chinese Special-effect Medicine Association. He has been to America, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Tanwan, Tailand to communicate the academic experience.
Acupuncture therapy is an important method for MG in Chinese traditional medicine. Doctors in China have achieved good curative effect in this disease, especially in the method by acupuncture treatment from Yuan source points, etc. Pro. Zhang has enough experience in treating MG patients by combined application of western medicine and Chinese traditional medicine, has published more than 20 articles in acupuncture treatment.
MG is always thought as the most incurable disease, which brings much painfulness to MG patients. The participation of Pro.zhang to our hospital will increase the treatment level, and provide opportunity for research in curing MG.

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