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What factors leading to a worsening or recurrence of MG?

MG has side effects of long therapy procedure, high frequency of recurrence and worsening. Therefore, patients are easy to be in a low mood, anxious and irritable. Many factors may lead to unstable disease condition and present altering symptoms of MG. The factors which induce recurrence or worsening of MG are listed in the following aspects.
1 Fatigue and tiredness can have a negative impact on recovery of patients with MG, so patients should avoid tiring physical activity and mental activity, have more rest and do some exercise so as to build up health.
2 In the process of pregnant, children bearing, or menstrual period, women may feel uncomfortable; also, disorder of endocrine disturbance may aggravate patient's condition.
3. When patients are in extreme sorrowful mood, it may also induce MG symptoms.
4 The appearance of several other symptoms of MG is induced by traumatic infection or symptoms of severe cold.
5 Some symptoms of MG are induced by drug-related medication, i.e. abuse or irrational use of drug, etc.
Besides, patients should have less cold food, more warm tonifying food. In the process of relieving or recovering, patients should pay more attention to increasing resistance ability, effectively controling symptoms, so as to prevent recurrence or more severe condition.

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