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Common concomitant disease of MG

About 5% MG patients have symptoms of hyperthyroidism, and 1% hyperthyroidism patients have symptoms of muscle weakness. The occurring time of both symptoms changed irregularly. Meanwhile, there are also reports that MG patients are concomitant with muscle changes such as muscular atrophy, myositis. MG is also complicated with simple goiter, rheumatic arthritis, sjogren syndrome, lupus erythematosus, hepatitis, asthmatic bronchitis, indicating there is relation between MG and immune system disease. Also MG is related with hematological diseases such as pernicious anemia, aplastic anemia and lymphosarcoma, etc.
Aftercare of MG patients
MG is kind of chronic disease, which may recur and aggravate because of various factors. For aftercare of MG patients, it requires enough rest, good lifestyle, good nourishing diet, and patient nursing. The following ideas should be born in mind for MG patients suggested by neurological professors.

1. Regulating psychological state: MG is a kind of chronic disease, which may or recur aggravate due to catching a cold and being tired. Therefore, regulating psychological state and keeping good attitude is very important. Positive attitude is helpful to improve curative effect of medicine and quicken patients’ recovery. In the treatment course of MG, we should pay more attention to giving them more care, encouraging them to have confidence of conquering disease and actively coordinate the care and treatment so as to get fully recovery as soon as possible.
2. Providing good-nourishing eating: Most MG patients are weak, and their five viscera are damaged. Therefore, we should ensure plentiful intake of vitamin and protein, avoid oily eating, less cold food, more warm tonifying food, so as to strengthen the immune ability. 
3. Suggestions on daily life-nursing: Patients should prevent catching a cold, which may lead to infection of upper respiratory tract, and result in myasthenic crisis. Enough rest is good for recovery of tired muscle, so we should ensure patients less intense sports and tiring activities. Effective treatment not only needs rational use of drugs, but also needs patients to have good mood, positive attitude.
Besides, patients should take notice of drug taboos, and take medicines under doctors’ guidance.

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